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Given the state of conservation of the Sert studio, Fundació Miró Mallorca is planning a comprehensive action that will solve the pathologies detected, in accordance with the repair project presented by the municipal architect Antoni Sbert Casasayas in July of 2016. This study identifies the evils and determines the cost so that the works can be hired. The Sert studio presents structural problems of different consideration, mainly injuries and cracks in the pillars, forged and pavement, and dampness of walls, pavements and roofs. Considering the scope of the intervention, it will be necessary to temporarily transfer all the work, objects and furniture contained in the studio during the term of execution of the action, which is estimated to be three months.

At the same time, the Collections Department is performing a research task based on the observation of the audiovisual material and the compilation of historical photographs of the workshop during the time Miró worked there, in order to perform a re-reading of the space and reframe the location of the furniture and of certain objects so that the recreation is as faithful as possible and communicate the presence of the artist, fleeing from all artificiality.

For attendees to know the project in situ, at the end of the press conference, Patricia Juncosa, curator of Collections Department, and her team will take a guided tour of the Sert studio to explain in detail the performances that will be carried out, as well as the new reading and visit experience that will facilitate the new spaces.

The Sert studio will be inaugurated with new contents and a powerful and rigorous speech that will transmit, more than ever, the spirit of the space and the artist




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