Saint John 2017 at Fundació Miró Mallorca: ARTchitectures

Posted on 24 June 2017

This saturday we enjoyed a special Saint John holiday at Miró Mallorca Fundació, because we celebrated 25th anniversary of the Foundation itself too!

In order to share it with all of you, we have carried out a whole bunch of activities throughout the morning, linked to each other with a common nexus that is representative of the origin of Miró Mallorca Fundació: the architectures of the Foundation. This project has been designed by the educational team of Miró Mallorca Fundació: Irene Gayà and Antònia Huguet.

With all those who accompanied us, we have been able to intervene directly in the museum wall, transforming the skyline of Miró Mallorca Fundació among all and creating our own architectural universe in “Infinite views.” In “De pies a tierra” we have become in constructors specialized in giant walls, geometric labyrinths and mutant transitable spaces. We have also taken, created, colored, designed, modified, placed and re-tiled in our ephemeral collective installation “(Des) Enrajola la Fundació! “.

Transiting for “Take off!”, “Unusual corners” and “Light explorers” we have been building an “ARTquiJOC”, assembling pieces created from the observation of the 3 main architectures of the Foundation: Taller Sert, Son Boter and Moneo Building, experimenting with different techniques: collage, drawing and stamping, creating our “ideas tree” at the same time!

All these activities have been accompanied by the “Flipbook, III. Dance a landscape”, an interdisciplinary project of Performance Art that included dance, music, visual arts and writing.

Thank you to all those of all ages and backgrounds that you have come to Miró Mallorca Fundació to participate in this special day for us!

* * *