• Aimed at

    • All members of the public
    • Limited seating. Minimum 3 people over 16 years old.
  • Availability

    • Every Wednesday. According to availability. Information at the front desk
  • Language

    • Spanish at 10:30 am.
    • Catalan at 12 pm.
  • Length

    • 45 min.
  • How do I book?

    • At the ticket office on the same day. Prior reservation is not possible
  • Cost

    • €1 + general admission fee of €10 = €11
  • Important notice

    • - In the event that another activity is taking place at the same time, the visit cannot take place.
    • - There are not visits on official holidays.

General visit

Regular guided tour to Joan Miró's studios

Every Wednesday

A trip around the 30 years that Miró lived in Mallorca

General visit: Regular guided tour by the Fundació’s staff.

An overview of Miró’s 30 years in Mallorca, the creative process behind his work and the Sert Studio and Son Boter.